Campylobacter jejuni custom necklace

I recently received this really fun commission request from @TCNoel, a microbiology professor and outstanding human being. Even though the design I came up with meant going a little outside my comfort zone, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a little fun with this one. I had to play around a bit with different types of wire to figure out how to manage the bipolar flagellae. I had to make sure it was going to hold its shape well even with regular wear. I finally settled on a 20ga memory wire, which was a bit of a pain to work with and chewed the heck out of my fancy new wire snips. Still, totally worth it, I think :)


how a pendant is born, part 1

First we’ll need some stamps. I carve those out of small blocks of wet clay, using quite teensy tools.

Once the stamps are finished, they get fired in the kiln and come out looking like these babies.

Then I roll out a nice even slab of clay and go to town with my stamps.

I cut around each impression with a cookie cutter or a small knife or whatever seems like the most fun at the time. Then I punch one hole (for a necklace or earrings) or two holes (for a bracelet), and set them aside to firm up a bit.

Next, I clean up each piece with a damp sponge and smooth out all the rough edges.

All ready to go into the kiln for their first firing! This tray represents a little less than 3 hours of work.

Next time, glazing!

some sciart for the dope smokers

I’m not a fan myself, but hey, it’s 4/20, and I’m not one to judge. In the spirit of sciart-ing all the things, here’s a small collection of cool marijuana-themed #sciart :) 

From the excellent molecularmuse, a THC molecule necklace: 

THC molecule necklace 
Some very cool lampwork glass THC earrings from mashafalkov:

 glass THC earrings 
And finally, from one of my favourite Etsy artists, Delftia, a very cool spiderweb necklace showing the effects of THC on web-building:

Happy 4/20!

#sciart find of the day for 2015-04-16

Today’s (first ever!) #sciart find is from Etsy (naturally) shop CottonCrustacean. The artist, Aaron John Gregory, is a San Francisco-based illustrator and cartoonist who specializes in wildlife and palaeontology illustration. His Etsy shop is chock-full of beautiful prints and screen printed shirts featuring his incredibly detailed and scientifically accurate works.








Click the images to go to the listings, or check out the CottonCrustacean shop here.

Yuri’s Night & a new design in the shop

Among my many #SciArt related activities, I’m involved with an Etsy team called Astro & Neutrino. We’re a bunch of nerds with a deep appreciation of science, and especially the intersection of science with art. To celebrate Yuri’s Night this year, several of us came up with astronomy-themed creations for our Etsy shops. I collected those together with some other cool space art to make this fun treasury.

My creation for Yuri’s Night was a new design based on the Vostok I capsule that Yuri Gagarin flew during his history-making orbit of the earth in 1961.

Get your own Vostok I from my Etsy shop!