whew, what a week! #CSMRegina2015 wrap-up

Well, the CSM conference is over and done, and what a week it was. The conference organizers did a great job, and everyone was incredibly friendly. It was especially nice to see how excited people were about the art booths! Both Nicole and I had lots of visitors, and many people walked away the happy owner of one of Nicole’s beautiful prints or some of my nerdy ceramic jewellery.





I couldn’t resist picking up one of Nicole’s pieces for myself:

Next year the CSM conference is in Toronto, and I’ve already had a brief conversation with the organizers about setting up an expanded art show, potentially including some installation art as well as art vendor tables. Exciting times ahead for CSM!

Things to do differently next time around:
1. more/better signage – we could have used something to guide people to the art tables. A sign behind us, one at the coffee area, maybe an artsy bacteria trail on the floor?
2. get in on the prize action if possible, or set up a giveaway at the booth. Maybe a good opportunity to sign people up to a mailing list, too!
3. make sure the focus is squarely on microbiology. Very little interest in anything else with this crowd. Bacteria, bacteriophages, and DNA were the big sellers.
4. LOTS more stickers & inexpensive ($5 or less) items.

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