Coming soon to Amazon: The Vexed Muddler!

Amazon will soon be launching its new Handmade Marketplace, and I’ve been invited to open a shop! I’m very excited about this opportunity, but it will mean a few tweaks to my business model, and a different set of priorities for the work I make available on Amazon.  

Ever since they announced this new marketplace I’ve been thinking about how I might manage to sell my scienterrific designs on a platform where the customers demand instant gratification. After all, half the fun of The Vexed Muddler is the one of a kind nature of my products and the ability to completely customize your design. That won’t be possible with Amazon’s tight turnaround times. Don’t worry, though. You’ll still be able to order your custom crazy designs, get your model organism rendered in stunning ceramic, and make totally outlandish requests from my Etsy shop and via Twitter

What I’ll offer on Amazon is a selection of my most popular designs in my personal favourite glaze colours. You’ll still be able to choose your cord material and length from a variety of options, but these will be a little more limited than what I have available for my custom work. Rather than striving to make each piece OOAK, I’ll work in small batches to ensure a reasonable level of consistency. 

Whatever happens, this should prove an interesting journey! 

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