ASM Art Walk!

In exciting news for #sciart nerds, ASM Microbe 2016 is going to be featuring microbiology art! In fact, ASM this year has wholeheartedly embraced art, with both an Art Walk featuring microbial art vendors, and an entire session of talks about microbial art and outreach.

Titled “At the Intersection of Art and Microbiology“, this session was spearheaded by Vincent Racaniello (@profvrr), Jennifer Gardy (@jennifergardy), and Mark Owen Martin (@markowenmartin), all microbiologists and vocal advocates of science art. Speakers will include artists and professors of microbiology covering a range of topics exploring art as a tool for outreach, engagement, and learning. With a great lineup of speakers, it’s sure to make for an entertaining and informative afternoon. Especially since Michele and I are going to be speakers! Seriously we’re going to be awesome, you should come listen to us.

Now, onto the good stuff: the Art Walk! So far there are three confirmed artists attending, but I’ll update here if more sign on.

Michele Banks (@artologica) is a professional artist whose ethereal microbiology and cell biology watercolour paintings explore not only the beautiful and varied forms of bacteria, viruses, and cells, but also our relationship with the microbial world.




Jane Hartman (Trilobite Glass Works) is a glass artist with a science background that is evident in the accuracy of her works. Whimsy permeates her fused glass creations, from googly-eyed planarians to escape-artist Cholera cells.




The Vexed Muddler (that’s me!) is a lab technician, potter, and digital artist with a long history of making up the rules as she goes along.




You can find all the exhibiting artists in the exhibit hall, by the Wellness Zone.